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Creating Artificial Intelligence That Will Become a Gift for the Next Generation

Towards a general purpose artificial intelligence that will pioneer the unknown.

The human brain can come up with creative solutions even in unfamiliar situations. This is probably because it can flexibly combine knowledge accumulated through experience.

To build such general-purpose intelligence, we at Dwango Artificial Intelligence Laboratory are exploring the essence of intelligence from a theoretical approach and the Whole Bbrain Aarchitecture approach.

Such artificial intelligence will not only creatively solve the problems residing in our society, but also support its continuous development.

A theoretical approach based on the understanding of general purpose intelligence
The Whole Brain Architecture approach by referring to natural general purpose intelligence


  • Director Hiroshi Yamakawa

  • Senior Researcher Hiroshi Okamoto

  • Visiting Researcher Satoshi Kurihara

  • Visiting Researcher Ryutaro Ichise

  • Visiting Researcher Yuji Ichisugi

  • Visiting Researcher Koichi Takahashi

  • Visiting Researcher Takashi Omori

  • Visiting Researcher Hiroyuki Okada

  • Visiting Researcher Akinori Abe

  • Visiting Researcher Shinsuke Koyama

  • Visiting Researcher Sachiyo Arai

  • Visiting Researcher Naoyuki Sato

  • Fellow Naoya Arakawa

  • Researcher Masahiko Ohsawa

  • Research Assistant Yudai Suzuki

  • Cooperative Researcher Tatsuji Takahashi

  • Cooperative Researcher Naoyuki Sakai

  • Cooperative Researcher Kotone Itaya

  • Cooperative Researcher So Negishi

  • Cooperative Researcher Taku Hayami

  • Cooperative Researcher Hee-cheol Kim

  • Cooperative Researcher Takahiro Aizawa

  • Cooperative Researcher Kosuke Miyoshi

  • Co-Researcher Masanori Yamada

  • Co-Researcher Ayako Fukawa

  • Co-Researcher Keisuke Fukuchi

  • Founding Member Masayoshi Nakamura

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